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Season 3: Episode 2
Yvonne Turner: A True Human Rights Shero

Yvonne Turner- A True Human Rights Shero.jpg

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A Chapter in U.S. History That's Untold

Names To Know From The Movement Of The 1950s And 1960s

James Armstrongs

Rev. Charles Billups

REV. Ed Gardner

Rev. C. H. George

Colonel Johnson

Gloria Lassiter

Lilly Nesbitt
Tall Paul

Georgia Price

Rev. George Pruitt, Sr. 

Rose Sanders
Shelley Stewart

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

Rev. Herman Stone

Yvonne Turner

"The Movement started before the 1960s and has always been a fight for human rights for all. We did say that we would commit civil disobedience as we fight for human rights. It became "the civil rights movement" once politicians got involved. We are still fighting for human rights today." 
- Dr. Shelley Stewart

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