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Learn more about sponsorships, website advertising, and podcast advertising.

Shelley's Plumbine is a weekly podcast that publishes new content every Wednesday. Our team, collectively, has over one hundred years of advertising experience and will work with you to design an advertisement plan and branded messaging to reach your targeted audience/potential consumers. With more and more people using the Internet for shopping and information exchange, it might be time to shift your business' advertising efforts to digital. Click here to contact us regarding sponsorships and/or advertising.

Why digital advertising matters?

Simply put, web page advertisements offer worldwide distribution, so your advertisements reach the widest possible market. No other medium brings your ads to such a wide and diverse customer base. Most importantly, you have the ability to communicate directly with customers/consumers as they engage on the website and with social media posts, eliminating the clicks of an internet search to connect with you.

Why podcast advertising matters?

When it comes to podcasting, the listener has already performed a positive, conscious, and engaged action just by listening and is very likely to react to what the host shares with them because they've built trust with him/her. Generally, a maximum of four advertisements in any given podcast hour limits commercial clutter.


Podcast Facts:

  • Approximately 46 million people listen to podcasts.

  • 82.4% of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours weekly listening to podcasts. (Discover Pods)

  • 50 billion episodes were downloaded or streamed from Apple in 2018 alone. (Fast Company)

  • 47% of PodcastOne listeners “strongly agree” that they pay more attention to podcast advertising than advertising on broadcast radio.

  • Podcast listeners ARE consistent:

  • On average, podcast consumers listen to 6 podcasts each week, and listen to an average total of 9.5 hours weekly.

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