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 Episode #3: Homelessness

Homelessness affects a diverse range of individuals. It is not limited to a particular demographic, but can impact people of different ages, genders, races, and backgrounds. Among those who are homeless are individuals experiencing mental health issues, addiction, domestic violence survivors, veterans, youth, families with children, and individuals facing economic challenges such as unemployment or poverty. Homelessness can also disproportionately affect marginalized communities, including people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals. Understanding the diverse range of people who experience homelessness is essential in developing effective strategies and policies to address the complex and multifaceted issue of homelessness.

In this episode, Shelley replays an interview from April 6, 1993, where he meets with a former professional football player who has become homeless. The episode also features a harrowing excerpt from his memoir, The Road South, which depicts traumatic events and abuse from his youth (listener discretion is advised). The podcast concludes with a powerful lesson Shelley learned in a bar while working in St. Louis as the disc jockey, "Shelley the Playboy."

Did You Know Dr. Stewart Became Homeless
At The Age Of Seven?

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To fight student homelessness, this school district helps the whole family

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Education Leads Home

As national leaders in their fields, SchoolHouse Connection, America’s Promise Alliance, CIVIC, and EducationCounsel have released groundbreaking research and powerful resources relevant to education and child and youth homelessness. These five organizations are partners in the work of the Education Leads Home campaign.

National Center for Homeless Education 

Videos: Awareness Videos On Homelessness and Homeless Education

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